Thursday, October 16, 2008

San Fransisco - February 2008

We visited Devan's Aunt Gail in the San Fransisco area. We had a lot of fun being with her and seeing all of the different sites. We defiantly want to go back there some day.

Temah and Devan overlooking part of downtown San Fransisco.

We drove and walked down Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world (supposedly).

We had to sit very still for about 5-6 seconds while we took this picture. It took several tries, but it was worth it. This is one of our favorite pictures from our trip to visit Aunt Gail.

Winchester House
Upon her husband's death, Sarah Winchester inherited more than $20 million and just about half of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. This gave her an average daily income of $1,000. (Multiply by 20 for what this would be equivalent to in 2008! Keep in mind this was her daily income!) For 38 years, literally 24 hours a day, her house was being constructed. Sarah believed that the spirit of anyone that was killed by a Winchester Rifle haunted her and that she was always to add on to the house in order to confuse the spirits that wanted revenge. By the time she died, there were 160 separate rooms! It was a LOT of fun to look at some of the rooms and see a tiny bit into the bizarre and yet highly intelligent mind of Sarah Winchester.

We took two different tours at the Winchester house. They made us where these hard hats for the back lot tour.

An earthquake happened (a long time ago) and Sarah Winchester decided it was a sign from the spirits to stop working on this part of the house. She immediately had it boarded up and nobody entered it again until after her death.

Here is a picture of the front of the house. We both thought that besides the confusing labyrinth throughout the entire house, it really was quite beautiful.

This door opens up to a drop from the 2nd story! Yet another attempt to confuse the spirits.

Alcatraz was used for several different things throughout the years. Some of these things included a Civil War fortress and an Indian reservation. It is most well known for its use as a maximum security prison. We had fun walking around the entire island. It was interesting to see how all of the inmates had to live their day to day lives here.

A picture from the short ferry ride over to the island.

Not much room or privacy for the convicted.

Big Burritos
This is a completely random video, but tell me if you've ever seen a bigger burrito! Aunt Gail brought us to the La CosteƱa of Mountain View, California. In 1997 they created the world's largest burrito. The burrito weighed in at 4,456.3 pounds and was measured at 3,578 feet long; although our burritos were not nearly as large, they were still HUGE! It took Devan two meals to eat his, and he can eat a lot.

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